Letting their hair down

Letting their hair down

Dec 18, 2019 | News stories

The children enjoyed letting their hair down in November but as ever, they were learning at the same time!

That’s because they were playing in our new role play area, a hairdressing salon. The salon has a waiting area where the children can read whilst they wait for their ‘appointment’ and then when they sit down to get their ‘new’ hairstyle, there are all the hairdressing accessories you would find in a regular salon.

To mark Bonfire Night on the 5th, children in Toddlers loved mixing colours to create their own firework pictures, using cardboard tubes, paint brushes and pipettes to make their marks.

Pre-School enjoyed watching the sparklers in the garden. Talking about colours, heat and most importantly, we spoke about the importance of staying safe when it comes to fireworks.

As part of our Ladybirds curriculum, the EYFS and British Values, it is important for us to explore many topics. One we chose to look in November was Remembrance Day. As this is an important but delicate subject, we chose to use the CBeebies ‘Poppies’ video.

After hearing the children’s thoughts on the video and a little discussion, we gave the children the option to make their own Poppy to celebrate Remembrance Sunday. They all looked fantastic.

With Autumn definitely in the air, children in Tweenies created some lovely artwork using leaves and paints. This was a great way of practising fine and gross motor skills, and lots of fun too!

In Toddlers, we baked yummy cakes, which apart from being very tasty, were a great way for the children to practice turn taking and hand eye coordination.

Our amazing staff are always coming up with new activities and Sarah had the great idea of making an obstacle course. There were 4 parts to the course. Tyres to step in and out of, or to walk over, stacked crates to climb and then jump off, two separate crates to step up and back down and then a short run to tap the pan at the end to signal you were finished.

The whole class cheered for their friends with lots of positive comments being given.

In Pre-School we have been using a baby born doll which the children have called Annabelle to promote empathy, gentle hands and routines. The children are encouraged to be as gentle as they can be, to feed, bath, change and comfort baby Annabelle. Keeping the activity quiet and calm, the children each get a turn to speak to Annabelle, which helps to promote language, taking turns and sharing too.

It was also Children in Need in November, so Babies enjoyed wearing their pyjamas for the day and painting Pudsey Bear pictures.

Pre-School enjoyed making shadows on the whiteboard using the projector. Many different shapes were made including Christmas trees, reindeer, baby shark, birds and many more.

Following some of the children’s interests, which includes cars, we introduced numbers into their play. We turned numbers into roads so the children can develop gross motor skills and number recognition whilst having fun.

And finally, after another busy month, Christmas arrived early at Little Ladybirds courtesy of Eric the Elf. Whilst the children were outside, he sneaked in and surprised the children with their very own Christmas tree to decorate.

It’s fair to say we haven’t heard the last of Eric and that it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas….