Independence Day

Independence Day

Aug 19, 2020 | News stories

July started with a look at Independence Day in pre-school. We spoke about the different colours and shapes we could see on the American flag and why 4th July is so important to Americans.

Pre-school also used the sun to create shadows of toy animals and themselves to do some great shadow drawings.

Babies had fun with Rice Krispies, but not by eating them. Instead they filled and emptied containers and using their hands to explore the texture, as well as practising their fine motor skills by using their thumb and fingers to pick up the cereal.

Tweenies had a ‘Dino Day’. They explored the tuff tray, letting the dinosaurs roam around our fresh herbs and stones from the garden. Then we got the dinosaurs to stomp in some paint so we could look at the footprints they left behind.

Toddlers enjoyed exploring what marks they could make in gloop using lolly sticks and their fingers. This is a great activity to develop gross and fine motor skills. They also learned how to use scissors safely with support from staff.

Babies and tweenies joined together for another great activity, creating their own structures and arrangements with blocks, while pre-school learned how to make bread, using a bread maker, and made their own sandwiches for tea.

Toddlers enjoyed threading using different objects such as pasta, reels, and blocks. This helps with their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and also their pincer grip.

Sensory motor development is the most influential way that babies learn about their world. During this stage, a baby’s first instinct is to explore objects by handling and mouthing them in order to find out about their physical characteristics; smooth or rough, do they have a taste or a smell etc. So, we encouraged this by giving them some lemons and limes to touch and taste. You should have seen their faces!

Pre-school had fun pretending to be fire-fighters using the garden hose to ‘put out fires’ in the garden.
Toddlers tried their hand at crepe paper painting. They all enjoyed talking about the different colours they used and what happened when they put water on them.

We have brought the seaside to Pre School. The children got to experience paddling in the rock pool, creating their own ice cream/ fish and chips and looking at what patterns they can make in play dough using seashells.

And toddlers were not about to let the pre-school have all the fun, so they used the hosepipe to water the flowers and clean our windows.

Phew, what a month and that’s not even the half of it!