A hive of activity

A hive of activity

Apr 27, 2019 | News stories

It’s been a hive of activity during April at Little Ladybirds Day Nursery.

Every morning the children in our toddler room do a HIIT (high-intensity intermittent exercise) workout to set them up for the day.

It’s a great opportunity for our little learners to express themselves physically and explore their similarities and differences. During this activity the children explore different ways of moving, as exotic animals in their habitats, and the effects on their bodies with deep, thoughtful breathing.

The children take turns, have the chance to express their emotions, build bonds with peers and practitioners and promote their independence with freedom of choice.

Babies enjoyed playing with the play dough, and mixing real dough to make delicious cakes. This activity is perfect for practicing with their fine motor skills, introducing turn taking, sensory exploration and of course the independence of baking their own tea.

A group of pre-school and toddler children went on an exploration thismonth. First stop was Greggs to meet the lovely ladies working there and buy some cookies. Next they posted a letter for Jennifer, and admired the huge buildings around nursery. The final stop was to eat their independent purchases in the sun.

The children had an amazing spring time visit from three chicks, Roxy, Dot and Babs. Matthew, from King Edwin School in Norton, brought the chicks in, allowing the children to pet and hold them, whilst learning about their daily care, likes and dislikes, and how they came to be.

You’re never too young to express yourself creatively, so babies practised their grasps, exploring colours and experimenting with movements and the marks they made.

Our babies also enjoyed multi sensory water play. There were lots of giggles as the children filled and emptied the beakers all over themselves, and began to explore with the fish.

Toddlers continued to be busy. They prepared their own bagels for tea, using cream cheese and carrot, followed by their own baked biscuits. Lot’s of independence was encouraged here, and they were all very yummy.

There was lots going on over Easter. We had an egg competition in pre-school and loved seeing the children’s own creative ideas, and knowing how hard they have worked to make them perfect.

Our pre-schoolers also enjoyed taking part in an Easter bonnet parade. They showed such pride in their creations, and were very keen to show them off.

Toddlers were back to baking again, this time using melted chocolate and shredded wheat to make Easter nest cakes.

Pre-school had a visit from a parent who is a dietitian. They learnt all about how important her job is, the relevance of her uniform and badge, and some new medical words while looking at healthy weight. We are very grateful and the children were thoroughly engaged and asked lots of questions. This is linked to our “when I grow up I want to be…” topic.

You can view pictures of all these activities on our Facebook page.