A hot start

A hot start

Aug 16, 2019 | News stories

If you recall July got off to a hot start (ah nice weather what a luxury now), so the children in pre-school decided they needed something to help them cool down. They helped cut some apples, pears and kiwis to make yummy ice lollies that were easy to make and very refreshing too.

Undoubtedly the highlight, and in many respects the saddest because we are sorry to see them go, was the pre-school graduation ceremony. Donning red graduation gowns and mortar boards, the children came confidently onto the stage to collect their scrolls and performed their poem like the superstars they are.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as parents, families and staff said goodbye to the children and we all wish them the best as they prepare to start school in September.

With the warm weather continuing into July (come back please!), the children spent a lot of time outdoors and have shown an interest in camping, so we will be following this topic more closely in the coming months.

There was lots of ice playing to stay cool and as part of this we spoke about different animals which live in icy parts of the world (and we’re not talking about Stockton!). They then added different animals to the ice to create their own Antarctic.

Toddlers created their very own ice cream shop. The children made their own ice cream using shaving foam, cones and coloured rice for sprinkles. They used scoops to carefully fill their cones and then used their fingers to sprinkle the tops with the sprinkles! It was lots of fun and encouraged fine motor skills too! Those ice creams looked almost good enough to eat!

More fun in the sun was had at the end of the month when pre-school kept cool by playing in the paddling pool, used water sprays, played with ice in the investigation tray, ate ice lollies and helped set up a water stall where they used money to buy lots of different flavoured waters.

Come back next month to see what the children got up to in August.