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An action-packed month

Oct 15, 2019 | News stories

To say September was an action-packed month at Little Ladybirds would be an understatement.

Following on from our fire brigade visit in August, Pre-School set up their own ‘people who help us’ doctors’ surgery. They collated literature, materials, and imaginative resources to help patients with their medical concerns. This resulted in some amazing focused communications, and use of fine motor skills.

We set up a great activity in Pre-School which involved the children stepping into tubs filled with different items, such as rocks, sand, foam and water. They had to use their feet to explore, then describe what they felt in each tub-soft, wet, gooey and crunchy were just some of the words they used.

Toddlers have been busy growing their own tomatoes. They watered them every day and their love and care paid off when they got to taste these juicy treats.

We further developed the fine and gross motor skills of children in Pre-School with a range of activities, including using cocoa powder and corn flour to make ‘mud’ and adding toy pigs to the activity so the children could understand what the term ‘pigs in mud’ means.

Fine motor skills were also being developed in Toddlers as the children used string and pasta to create beautiful necklaces. In another activity they experimented with science and looked at how they were able to put pencils through bags filled with water without popping the bags.

Pre-School enjoyed a walk around our local area. They got to see the fishpond and tried to count how many fish they could see but there were just too many! They spotted four lorries and waved at each one with some of them beeping to say hello back. Not far from the nursery there is a patch land which the children thought contained just grass, until they got closer and discovered six ponies! A little walk with a lot of big conversations!

The Pre-School children also received a surprise visit from Ivy, a horsefield tortoise brought in by Jen. We talked about what she likes to eat and how she keeps warm. Jen also told us that Ivy is 5 years old but could live until she is 100. We discussed the difference between tortoises and turtles and where they live. The children were very excited to have hold of her and we think Ivy liked the attention.

Babies have enjoyed fruit and vegetable printing. They pressed the fruit and vegetables down onto the paint, and transferred them to the paper, moving them in various directions to create marks. They also went for a walk to feed the newly discovered ponies some carrots.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the month was our Autumn Fayre in aid of our charity of the year, Zoe’s Place. It was fantastic to see so many parents, family members, friends and new visitors. There were lots of great stalls, fantastic cakes, face painting and much, much more. We raised an amazing £609 and we would like to thank everyone for their support.

There was, of course, so much more happening in September and if you visit/like our Facebook page, you will see even more activities that occurred during the month.

We wonder if October will be as busy…..