An artistic month

An artistic month

Sep 8, 2020 | News stories

Toddlers kicked off an artistic month by going outside to do some chalk painting. They helped mix it all together and chose what colours they wanted to use. We spoke about what happened when we added the water and the food colouring and mixed it all together.

Pre-school ended their topic about the beach by learning about how dangerous plastics are in the ocean and on the beach, causing a threat to our sea creatures. They discussed how they could help by taking their rubbish home and then they helped untangle the sea creatures and clear away all the rubbish.

Touch is an important part of the development of younger children, so our babies explored dinosaurs in oats and playing with the wooden train track.

Pre-school worked on their letter recognition by finding stones with the alphabet on which we had hidden hid around the garden and then matching them on the alphabet sheet.

Babies and Tweenies enjoyed some rare August sun exploring the garden. They did lots of mark making in the sand and filled and emptied the construction area.

Toddlers looked at floating and sinking by using stickle bricks to build their own boats before placing them in the water to see if they would float.

Pre-school made some lovely smoothies by blending berries, banana and milk and continued their ‘staycation’ theme by making a campfire outside the tent in the garden and making campfire cupcakes.

Toddlers took part in an experiment which showed them the importance of hand washing. Water and pepper were placed in a tray and the children had to dip their finger in soap when they placed their finger into the water the pepper and dispersed away from the finger. This led to a conversation about how using soap when washing our hands helps keep germs away!

Tweenies used their favourite cars to make track marks and blend the paints together under cling-film, which they found lots of fun, whilst babies enjoyed practising using spoons to scoop up rice and transfer it into the containers.

Toddlers explored different smells and colours outside, and particularly enjoyed smelling flowers and finding the most colourful petals. They then brought them inside where they glued and stuck all the natural resources to make beautiful artwork. This activity helped our children with their fine motor skills as well as giving them the joy of exploring creative arts and design.

So, all in all, a very busy August and we didn’t even scratch the surface with this month’s summary.

We wonder what September has in store…