Monthly round-up

Monthly round-up

May 7, 2021 | News stories

Here’s our monthly round-up of activities at Little Ladybirds, providing just a small snapshot of what we got up to in April.


Babies enjoyed taking parts in lots of messy activities, including playing with rice krispies, flour, sand, and water.

They also explored various sensory play activities with touch and licking ice lollies definitely their favourite!


Following a child’s interest in the book Snail on the Whale, in tweenies we explored our very own under the sea themed tuff tray. We learned lots of sea animal names and listening to the whale sounds whilst having lots of fun.

Tweenies also made the most of the sunshine by pouring and splashing in water.


Toddlers enjoyed using their senses to make perfume! There were conversations about the different colours they could see, the textures they could feel and what they could smell. We now may have our very own Estee Lauder on our hands!

To mark Earth Day, toddlers made patterns in shaving foam and printed it onto card to create their own world pictures. They also did large scale painting in the garden exploring colours of the earth.


Pre-school have had a lovely time celebrating Easter, including baking egg shaped biscuits, decorating their own egg, and the fantastic Easter bonnet parade around the garden!

They were also learning about the life cycle of a frog, and with our very own frog spawn, they will be able to watch them develop into frogs.

The children also made puppets of themselves by threading two pieces of card together and thinking about features they wanted to add to it. They then performed their very own puppet show.

They also continued to be creative by making bubble wands out of pipe cleaners.

Pre-school marked Earth Day by exploiting a tuff tray we had filled with water and various items and they had to remove all the plastic from the sea to save the animals.

Having noticed pink blossom growing on the tree in the garden, the children ended the month by picking flowers and bringing them inside. We spoke about different colours, textures and smells and the children used the scissors to cut the flowers and leaves smaller to create their own arrangements.