Considerable experience

Considerable experience

Mar 21, 2023 | News stories, Staff Profiles

At Little Ladybirds, we are in the fortunate position of having several members of staff who have worked at the nursery for a long time (10 years-plus) or have had considerable experience working in other settings before joining us.

This is fantastic for the children as it means we have highly experienced Practitioners involved in their early years’ development.

But it’s also positive from a staff development point of view as well.

For example, we currently have three apprentices working at Little Ladybirds and during their time with us they receive mentoring from our senior staff.

One of the staff providing this mentoring is Katey Shearer.

Starting at 16 and now aged 34, Katey has worked in childcare her entire career.

As our baby room leader, she provides mentoring when new staff come into the room, and this includes Macey Kent who is nearing the end of her two-year apprenticeship.

Macey says Katey’s experience has proved invaluable in lots of way, including how to look for the signs in children’s development.

Katey says: “Macey worked in all the rooms before concentrating on babies, so I explained the importance of getting to know the different routines, whether it’s their sleeping times or feeding times, through to showing her how to fill in new starter sheets and introducing her to parents.

“She has always been willing to learn and has taken everything in and now really knows the baby room well.”