Curriculum and Development

It really is all about celebrating what your children can achieve.


Here at Little Ladybirds Day Nursery we have created our very own curriculum which enables us to help your child be ready for the next step in their learning and development.

Our starting point is to look at where your child is expected to be in their development at the end of Reception year, prior to them going on to school, and using this to develop a tailored programme which will support your child through each stage with us.

We also use our curriculum as a fantastic training tool so we know that our staff have a very good understanding of child development and what they need to be doing next.

We want you to know that when they come to Little Ladybirds, they’re in good hands and that they’re developing throughout their journey with us.

Pre-school development is so important and that’s why we pride ourselves on the curriculum we’ve put in place for every child that comes through our doors.