Ducks in a row

Ducks in a row

Mar 16, 2020 | News stories

Tweenies began February by getting all their ducks in a row – 5 little ducks in fact!

They enjoyed singing along to the popular song in their regular Signing Tots sessions with Dawn. They also had lots of fun playing with their yellow ducks and exploring rice and counting words in the five little ducks themed tuff tray.

Our Babies used their touch, taste and smell senses to explore lemons, limes and oranges and there were a few funny expressions on their faces when they tried the lemons! They also enjoyed exploring with heuristic objects such as wooden spoons, pans and trays.

Our latest Pre-School business is a bakery and we’re using numbers, shapes and communication skills to develop the children’s fine and gross motor skills. Cake anyone?

Pre-School and Toddlers are still learning about the importance of recycling, so they enjoyed taking all our plastic, paper and tin to the recycling container.

Love was in the air in Tweenie room with the children using their fine motor skills to make hearts for Valentine’s Day. They loved exploring the red and pink tuff tray and talking about the colours, sizes and shapes they could see.

Pre-School made the most of the winds that Storm Dennis produced by making and flying kites, whilst Babies took shelter inside and practiced their fine motor and whole hand grasps by stacking rings onto a holder.

We introduced Pre-School to the wonderful game of Twister without the need of a plastic mat. Instead, we used chalk to draw the shapes on the floor and the children enjoyed getting into some weird and wonderful positions.

In the Toddler room, the children used hand eye coordination to mix ingredients into a bowl for biscuits and their gross motor skills to roll out the dough ready to cut. They then ate the biscuits for their tea, yum yum!

Not to be outdone by this culinary masterclass, Tweenies baked fairy cakes and made pizzas for their tea. Aside from being very tasty, it gave them the chance to try and experiment with different food and textures.

With the weather not conducive to being outside, we decided to bring the snow indoors by creating our own snowy roads tray. Because we couldn’t have our usual morning run around, we did some racing inside instead, running racing, conker and spoon racing and feather racing too.

Pancake Day is always a highlight in February and this year was no exception. After making the pancake mixture, the children had a go at flipping them in pan, and only a few were dropped!!

The nursery was really wild at the end of the month, but it had nothing to do with the weather. This time it was the wild hair which was on display for our latest fundraiser. We raised over £700 for our charity of the year, Zoe’s Place, which was fantastic.

Our February summary ends where it started, in Tweenies, where the children enjoyed lots of animal themed activities from learning new words through to making hedgehogs with pasta and playdough.
See you in March!