Exciting activities

Exciting activities

Jul 4, 2019 | News stories

We’re always coming with new, fun and exciting activities for children at Little Ladybirds, and June was no exception.

We had the idea of filling balloons with paint and getting the children to pop them to see the patterns which would be created on the white sheets below.

The children were encouraged to independently chose which tool they thought would pop the paint filled balloons easiest.

When the balloons started popping the children were amazed at the colourful patterns the pant made on the white sheet.

We also like to take the children out and about in the community to give them some new experiences.
In June this included our pre-school children visiting Butterfly World at Preston Park.

The children got to watch a short information film on the life cycle of a butterfly and then they were shown real eggs and cocoons. Everyone got to look at loads of different types of butterflies as they flew all around and landed on leaves, fruit and even the children too. The children also got to see the meerkats, reptiles, marmosets and ants too.

The children then went on a nature walk through parts of the woods and along the river, stopping to see, touch, smell and listen everything around them.

That was just a very small snapshot of the activities taking place in June, we wonder what July has in store at Little Ladybirds?