First impressions count!

Mar 25, 2014 | News stories

A survey carried out by a nursery chain in Scotland has revealed parents are not motivated by fees when choosing a nursery for their child.

The cost of sending a child to nursery was ranked a lowly 7th in the survey carried out by Enchanted Forest Nurseries, which operates four nurseries north of the border.

Top of the list was the parent’s experience at the initial visit, followed by their first impressions. This certainly reflects Little Ladybirds’ view that first impressions really do make a real difference and that when people can see that the nursery is secure, the staff good, the activities varied and the children happy, this can influence their decision

Convenience of location was also an important factor and was ranked 3rd in the poll, followed by staff at 4th. Early education was ranked 5th, followed by recommendations from others. Little Ladybirds departs slightly here because in our experience recommendations from existing/former parents can play a key part in a new parent’s decision.