Nov 11, 2020 | News stories

Halloween may have been at the very end of the month, but that didn’t prevent us from making it one of our main focused activities throughout October.


Babies got into the Halloween spirit by making pumpkin pictures with apples, exploring bugs in spaghetti and spooky themed jelly. Very slimy!

They also joined with tweenies in dressing up in Halloween costumes; all very scary!

Water play is always enjoyable when you are a baby, and our babies were no exception. They also had a fun time making marks in the flour using paintbrushes.


Tweenies enjoyed making their own spooky spiders, using the colanders and pipe cleaners to practice their hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. They then had had lots of fun posting the pipe cleaners through the holes.

The children also did lots of Autumn themed activities, using natural resources to make marks in orange scented playdough, exploring the ice with hidden pine cones and frozen oranges, searching in the coloured rice for the forest animals and making playdough hedgehogs with pasta.

They practised their fine motor skills again by making some autumnal sun catchers for our windows. Throughout the activity the children spoke about the different coloured paper they were using and the different shapes. The children did extremely well and they were all very proud of their creations.


Toddlers enjoyed playing with Halloween themed car track. Following the lines and going over and under the obstacles, the children had to see how many spiders they could see. Using gross motor skills, numeracy and space sharing, they were able to learn and have lots of fun too!

Autumn was also a key theme in the room and toddlers looked at the different colours that autumn brings. They started off with a plain tree and then using Lego blocks they added different colours to create leaves and fill up their trees.

Lots of fun was also had making hedgehogs from Playdough and sticking all sorts of things for the spikes and eyes like pinecones, lollypop sticks, foil and hessian.

They also enjoyed being mini archaeologists looking for bones, by using spades and trowels to dig for them in the sand and then putting them in the sieves to examine their finds.


Pre-School matched written number with very seasonal pumpkin seeds. They had to pick a number card, identify the number (either written or by counting the spots) and then match it with the correct number of pumpkin seeds. They did fantastically well.

They also made pumpkin and butternut squash soup after first scooping out and cutting up the pumpkin before mixing it with the squash and roasting it. Yum, yum!

The children were challenged to collect bugs from the spooky web we had made, and this involved only walking on the web strings. This was a great but fun way to practice gross motor skills and concentration. The children suspected that Spiderman may have made the web, so they also had a bit of fun pretending to be Spiderman or that they were being saved by him and his web

Preschool love their Wednesday morning French lessons with Madame Vardy and practised saying ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and ‘my name is’.

They also enjoyed taking some conkers to the garden and doing some conker racing. Lots of fun whilst learning within our Autumn topic.

Phew, what a month!