Keeping in the family

Keeping it in the family

Mar 21, 2023 | News stories, Staff Profiles

Jess Dobson is certainly keeping it in the family when it comes to working in childcare and after taking the apprenticeship route into the profession is gearing up for what she hopes will be a very successful year in 2023

That is because the 18-year-old’s two-year apprenticeship ends in March 2023 and if everything goes to plan, she will then be a fully qualified Early Years Practitioner at Little Ladybirds.

Several members of Jess’s family have worked in day nurseries, so she thinks she was always destined to keep the tradition going.

She opted to do an apprenticeship because she liked the idea of getting hands-on, day-to-day experience, whilst working towards her formal Level 3 in Childcare qualification at the same time.

Jess has worked in all the rooms at Little Ladybirds, so she has seen all the stages of the children’s early years development. She is currently working in our toddler room.

Jess says: “It is a great room to work in because the children are like sponges at this age. They are developing their own little personalities and really starting to mature.

“Doing an apprenticeship has given me the best of both worlds because I have learned whilst I work and hopefully, I can complete it in March and continue my career here at Little Ladybirds. It is a great place to work.”