Mud kitchen

Mud kitchen

Oct 9, 2020 | News stories

Pre-school started September enjoying our lovely, revamped garden. This involved making soup in the mud kitchen (you wouldn’t have wanted to try it!), making an obstacle course, playing hide and seek, watering the flowers and so much more.

Then, they went indoors and based cheese scones for the whole nursery to enjoy (you definitely would have wanted to try these!). There were a lot of conversations about the different ingredients and where they came from, as well as the changing textures as they mixed them together with their hands.

Tweenies enjoyed exploring the different types of pretend bugs using their magnifying glasses. They had lots of fun making the bugs crawl, place them on leaves and trying to make bug noises too

They also enjoyed giving the pretend babies (dolls!) a bath, using different types of sponges and bath mitts to give them a good clean.

Toddlers were busy constructing different shapes with wooden lolly sticks and exploring sensory playdough. They used sticks, stones, pinecones and logs to create lots of different shapes, patterns and creations.

Pre-school used our loose parts area to explore Autumn. We have been talking about all of the things that Autumn will bring, the changes that happen and the things we can do to explore it fully. The children practised using the trains to move the conkers, made their own trees and used the felt leaves to imitate them falling from trees.

Babies love spending time outside in their new dedicated play area and they enjoyed it so much that they had their morning snack outside too.

Tweenies enjoyed some time in the sun this as well, playing with the balls, splashing in the water, mark making on chalkboards, building with the blocks, mark making in the bark with cars and more.

As adults we take for granted all the skills we need to have mastered before we can write the letters of our names. Our hands go through so much growth and physical change in the first few years of our life, that fine motor skills promoting activities such as finger gyms are incredibly important. Pre-school loved creating and exploring one during an afternoon activity.

The pre-school children also enjoyed seeing Coach Shane at our Monday football lessons. They hadn’t seen Shane for quite some time and were very excited to see him. The children picked everything back up easily and had a really fun morning playing their favourite football games!

They were also very pleased to see Madame Vardy again for French on a Wednesday. Bonjour Madame Vardy!

Back inside and toddlers using test tubes with different coloured water to practice emptying and filling. This activity helps to improve our children’s fine motor skills as well as their hand eye coordination.

And toddlers also made bread. They very carefully helped to measure out the ingredients before pouring them into the bread maker ready for it to mix them all together and bake. Yum yum!

See you in October!