New activity

Jan 29, 2021 | News stories

The snow brought an unexpected new activity in January, but there was also plenty going inside as usual. Here’s our monthly room-by-room summary:


Babies enjoyed exploring with heuristic objects such as pots and pans, and in another activity they explored a tuff tray covered in rice krispies. They couldn’t resist eating a few!


Tweenie had a dinosaur week so did lots of activities including exploring dinosaur bones and skeletons using arts and crafts, and their imagination, in the small world tray.

They carried on the theme by making dinosaur prints by stamping dinosaur toys in paint and putting them on paper.

And they enjoyed putting the dinosaurs in ice, creating their very own Ice Age!

Taking a break from dinosaurs, the children also used their senses to play with the animals on the edible farm.


Toddlers enjoyed taking part in ‘sticky kids’, which involved moving in lots of different ways such as walking, skipping, galloping, hopping, and jogging all whilst pretending to be different animals! After a hard work out, they did some cool down stretches and had a nice cold drink of water.

Toddlers also did some exploring in the bug swamp. They spoke about the different places bugs lived, if it was clean or dirty and if they thought it was cold or hot. They enjoyed exploring the different textures of the leaves, the logs and the rocks.


Pre-school started the month with a spot of maths, using a light board and various national resources to match quantities to the correct number, which they did with ease.

They also enjoyed our new role-playing area pretending to be doctors and nurses – the key workers of the future!

As well as enjoying the snow and in particular experimenting with ice, the children were also concerned that the birds wouldn’t be able to find food, so they made their own bird feeders which are now hanging in the garden.

The children also learned how to play golf in an activity which used their gross motor skills, number recognition and teamwork.

We wonder what will be in store in February…