No let up

No let up

Sep 9, 2019 | News stories

August is traditionally a quiet month with no school and many people on holiday, but there’s no let up at Little Ladybirds.

We started the month continuing with our camping theme. Using an amazing six-man tent loaned to us, many of our pre-school children enjoyed a new experience being in a tent and pretending to camp out in the great outdoors.

There wasn’t much sun in August but when it came out we took full advantage by getting the children to look at shadows. They drew around the shadows that their dinosaurs made, getting a little confused when the sun went in or their hands changed what they were trying to trace. There are millions of ways to learn to write, so we like to keep it fun and explored the natural world around us.

Our youngest children became water babies, enjoying splashing around and playing with bubbles and bathing farm animals in an indoor paddling pool. This is a great sensory experience which helps with their fine and gross motor skills.

The older children had a wonderful surprise – a visit from Thornaby Fire Brigade. Four fire fighters turned up with their engine and showed the toddlers and pre-schoolers all the amazing equipment they use to help people. The children were lucky enough to watch a fire fighter put on his complete uniform, learn about and watch how powerful the hoses are, and experience the siren first-hand.

Yoga is great for mind, body and soul, so that’s why we have daily yoga lessons in pre-school. The children were asked if they could remember and show everyone a yoga move they had learned previously, before learning some new moves.

Tweenies enjoyed the sensory activity of ‘gloop’, running their hands through it, exploring mark making and generally getting messy!

Babies also enjoyed messy, but tasty, play when they mixed cornflour and strawberry yoghurt to make homemade, edible playdough. Yum!

Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination were the order of the day when tweenies played with pasta and over in pre-school, the children used cardboard boxes to make everything from a snail shell to a rocket ship.

Pre-school also tested their coordination, balance and jumping skills on a tape tightrope. Firstly, they had to walk the tape, then jump into the box, then they got more adventurous with hopping and crab walking.

The month ended with tweenies making rice crispy cakes, again helping their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, sharing and turn taking.

So, all in all a very busy month. We wonder what’s in store for September….

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