No sign of slowing down

No sign of slowing down

Nov 18, 2019 | News stories

There was no sign of slowing down at Little Ladybirds Day Nursery in October, with the children enjoying another busy month of activities.

Pre-school loved trying out a new autumn game involving rolling conkers into number tubes. This was a great exercise for developing their hand to eye coordination and counting skills as they had to add up their points after rolling the conkers.

We then got the children to guess what we had hidden inside different colour balloons. The children squashed and squeezed each balloon and talked about what might be inside each one. Some of the balloons made sounds, which gave the children clues about what was inside! Some brilliant describing words were used like heavy, crunchy, noisy, squashy and loads more.

Little Ladybirds had a special visitor in the shape of Zoe the Bear from Zoe’s Place Hospice, the charity we are supporting this year. The children enjoyed meeting Zoe and we presented her with a cheque for £608 – the money we raised for the charity at out autumn fayre.

In tweenies, the children enjoyed sponge painting, developing their fine and gross motor skills by using sponges, mixing paints to create different autumn colours and expressing themselves whilst exploring early mark making.

Tweenies also got ready for Halloween by painting the paper plates orange and sticking the eyes and mouth on to make spooky pumpkins. They have practised fine motor skills whilst exploring the Halloween theme playdough.

After their conker rolling, our pre-schoolers also enjoyed using conkers to make necklaces as part of our ‘all things autumn’ theme.

Pre-school and toddlers were very excited by the visit from Zoo Lab. They got to meet and touch a snake called Harry, frog called Clive. Tarantula called Tilly, snail called Turbo, cockroach called Matilda and a rat called Saphire. They were much braver than some members of staff!

Pre-school also took part in Diwali (festival of light) by making their own candle holders.

Tweenies ended a busy month by making some yummy pumpkin shortbread biscuits for Halloween and not to be outdone, babies had lots of gigglers when we painted their feet so their could make spooky Halloween footprints.

In all rooms, there was lots of dressing up to celebrate Halloween.

That’s it for October; we’ll see you in November….