Our Practitioners – Miriam

Aug 10, 2021 | News stories

Whether it’s learning sign language, implementing The Curiosity Approach, or writing her own children’s book, Miriam Joyce is constantly pushing herself in her childcare career – and she is still only 25!

Miriam joined Little Ladybirds in May 2021 to take on a brand-new role as our 2-5 Room Leader.

In this role, she straddles between our toddler and pre-school rooms, bringing her experience to bear to support the individual room leaders and staff working in these rooms.

Miriam began her childcare career as soon as she left school at 16, although she didn’t actually quite leave school!

She explains: “I started immediately working as a teaching assistant at a school two days a week as part of my college placement.

“Even though I was still young myself, I have always had an interest in working with children, so I knew this is what I wanted to do as a career.”

Starting so early had major benefits for Miriam because it meant she could quickly achieve AS-Levels, her Level 2 and 3 in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools and a Foundation Degree in Early Years.

The learning still hasn’t stopped though as she is also about to complete her studies to become an Early Years Professional.

And during this time, having worked in various different settings, Miriam has also built up a vast array of work-based experience.

She says: “I have worked in regular day nurseries as an Early Years Practitioner as well as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in a school for children and young people with special and complex needs.

“During this time, I have learned new things such as British Sign Language and Makaton and The Curiosity Approach.”

The Curiosity Approach was one of the things which attracted Miriam to Little Ladybirds.

She explains: “I liked the fact it has already started being implemented at Little Ladybirds because it is an approach which allows you to be flexible, creative and open to new ideas.

“Taking on a new role also interested me, and I haven’t been disappointed because I am really enjoying it here.”

Miriam certainly puts her spare time to good use and her hobbies and interest include waking, going to the gym and is a self-confessed ‘gamer’, with World of Warcraft being her game of choice.

She also likes to use her creative side in other areas, including writing a children’s book called ‘The Day the Dinosaur came to Dinner.”

Miriam says: “I am hoping to get it published via Amazon so it would be available to read via the Kindle, which would be a real thrill!”