Our Facilities & Ethos…

Little Ladybirds Day Nursery is divided into five main rooms catering for babies, tweenies, toddlers and pre-school.

Each room is designed to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and support your child in their journey towards their school years.

The nursery is complemented by a large outdoor play area that was purpose-built with the different stages of a child’s development in mind.

This area is also split into two areas to cater for the different ages; a grassed section for the under two’s, and a larger barked area for the toddlers and pre-school children.

At Little Ladybirds we have created a fun, homely environment where children are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. However, we also know just how important you, their parents, are to their progression so we will keep you fully informed of their development at all stages and welcome feedback from you if there’s something we could be doing differently that would benefit your little one.

We encourage you to join in with events and activities, including trips, and as well as formal open evenings, you are more than welcome to discuss aspects of your child’s nursery experience with us at any time. Our door is always open to you.

Tiny Miracles

Children from newborn up to 17 months start their journey in our baby room.

It is large and spacious and has its own integrated facilities, including a milk kitchen, eating area (with high chairs), and a separate quiet sleeping area with cots so your child can sleep peacefully throughout the day and not be disturbed by those who are awake.

All the equipment and resources in the baby room have been specially chosen to help your baby’s individual stages of development. The emphasis is very much on sensory exploration and play, and focused learning experiences are introduced in a subtle way to allow your child to flourish during the vital years of discovery.

We use natural materials wherever possible and the room is set out to be a sensory adventure for the children, including soft toys and furnishings, different textures, and new lights and sounds. We also have a dedicated outdoor play area for our under-2s, so the children can play safely and get outside as often as possible.

The experienced staff in the room will work with you to mimic your baby’s daily routine in regards to sleep, bottles, weaning, and tummy time and physical movements to help make their transition into nursery smoother.

When your child starts in the baby room, with your help we create an online learning journal unique to them. This allows us to get to know your baby’s likes and dislikes, any special dietary requirements, allergies and any other information that will help us to provide the best possible experience for your little one.

At the end of each day, when you come to pick your child up, a member of our baby room team will provide a verbal handover and you will also receive an electronic report, delivered by an app to your mobile telephone, tablet or computer. This report includes a run through of their day, nappies, meals, sleeps, and also pictures, and a video if we can.

Small Discoverers

When your child is ready to progress to our Tweenie room, generally when they are around 15-17 months old.

However it can be sooner if they’re ready, a detailed handover is carried out between the room leaders and a ‘moving rooms’ form is completed.

Your child’s dedicated staff member will also visit the room with them so they have a smooth transition, and the permanent move to Tweenies won’t happen until they’re happy and settled – how long this time really depends on the child and there is no pressure to rush this process.

Little Explorers

Children agreed between two and three are looked after in our toddler room.

When children begin this stage of their nursery life we are able to introduce more educational-based activities, whilst still making sure they have plenty of fun.

Our aim us to introduce themed activities to aid their development ahead of their final transition with us, into our pre-school rooms.

We want to give your child the very best possible start to their education so detailed planning goes into ensuring that the learning environment meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Your child’s learning journey is starting to become very comprehensive and you will notice quick progress in their overall development.

Each child has access to our lending library, which gives you as parents the opportunity to lend new books to read with you child. They will also start training with our football coach, Shane, who will teach them new and important life skills and physical movements.

Staff continue to fill in your child’s online learning journal, and each day, when you come to pick your child up, a member of our toddler room team will provide a verbal handover. You will also receive an electronic report through our app to your mobile phone, tablet or computer. This report includes a run through of their day, toileting, meals, sleeps, with pictures and videos where possible of what they have been up to.

When your child is getting ready to enter our Pre-School room, and following discussions with you, they will initially have transition periods to introduce them to the room and the older children, so by the time the day comes, they are more than ready to take their final steps within the nursery.

Big Inventors

Our Rising 3s room is for children who are making the transition from our Toddlers room into Pre-School.

It is designed to aid and enhance their development, with a focus on an educational and activity-driven programme which will support their concentration and ability to engage in group activities.

The children will remain in Rising 3s until they are ready to make the move into Pre-School; some children need slightly longer than others in Rising 3s and that is fine, the focus is on a free flowing system between the two rooms which support each child’s individual needs, driven by the need to prepare them for life beyond Little Ladybirds.

Clever Thinkers

Children aged three to four complete their Little Ladybirds journey in our Pre-School room.

This large, first floor space is set out to mimic a classroom, so the children are prepared for the transition to ‘big school’; we even encourage the wearing of uniforms as part of this process.

Our highly qualified Early Years Foundation Stage Practitioners have an important role to play in ensuring your child follows a carefully planned curriculum which will allow them to further develop their skills in the key areas of learning and development. These are:

Prime areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

Specific areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Ongoing formative assessment is at the heart of early years best practice and our staff observe children as they interact in their play and everyday activities. By analysing these observations it can help us to plan new experiences and opportunities for the children.

The Pre-School children regularly enjoy educational visits from the likes of the police and a fire service. Alongside this they enjoy weekly training sessions with our football coach, Shane; lessons with our French teacher, Madam Vardy; and a access to a mobile library bus through Stockton Council. All of this helps the children experience new opportunities, expands their knowledge, and increases their vocabulary.

Your child’s electronic learning journal is by now almost full and prior to them leaving the nursery this will be shared with the school you have chosen.

You will continue to receive daily verbal summaries of your child’s day along with an electronic report, delivered by an app to your mobile phone, tablet or computer. This report includes a run through of their day and also includes pictures and videos where possible.

We also encourage teachers to come to the nursery to discuss school with the children, as well as organising visits to schools so the children can experience it for themselves.

We recognise the move from nursery to school is a big step, but with the detailed planning and implementation involved in all aspects of your child’s life at Little Ladybirds, we know we are giving them the best possible start.