Toddler Room

Children between the ages 2-3 move to our toddler room at Little Ladybirds.

When children begin this stage of their nursery life we are able to introduce more educational-based activities, with the emphasis still being very much about having fun.

The children begin learning some very important lessons so a wide range of themed activities are designed to aid their development and prepare them for their final move with the nursery – to Pre-School.

We want to give your child the very best possible start to their education so detailed planning goes into ensuring that the learning environment meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Toddler room at Little Ladybirds

By this stage your child’s learning journey is starting to become very comprehensive, with various observations being carried out to ensure your child’s development continues apace.

The children now have access to our lending library, which gives you as parents the opportunity to lend new stories and books to read with you child, before returning it to nursery and picking a new exciting read. They will also start training with our football coach, Coach Shane, who will teach them new and important life skills and physical movements.

Staff continue to fill in your child’s online learning journal in this room. At the end of each day, when you come to pick your child up, a member of our toddler room team will provide a verbal handover and you will also receive an electronic report, delivered by an app to your mobile telephone, tablet or computer. This report includes a run through of their day, nappies/toileting, meals, sleeps, and also pictures, and sometimes video, of what they have been up to.

When your child is getting ready to enter our Pre-School room, and following discussions with you – they will initially have transition periods, with the support of their key person, to introduce them to the room and the older children, so by the time the day comes for the final move, they are more than ready to take their final steps within the nursery.