Outdoor time

Outdoor time

Apr 1, 2021 | News stories

March brought lots of dry weather so that meant lots of outdoor time for the children, as well as marking lots of great days, such as World Book Day and Comic Relief. Here’s our monthly room-by-room summary:


Babies enjoyed tasting oranges, lemons and limes and feeling the textures. It resulted in lots of funny faces.

We celebrated St Patrick’s Day in all the rooms, including babies where the children enjoyed making marks with green paint.

And babies also got in the spirit on Red Nose Day by wearing red clothes.


Tweenies loved marking World Book Bay by dressing as some of their favourite characters and listening to stories.

The children also explored different vegetables, having fun feeling, smelling, and tasting the veg, as well as practising hand eye coordination and fine motor skills by chopping with knives.

It was spring in the air in tweenies with the children using real flowers to do various activities, including mixing the daffodil and rose petals with water to create some lovely smells.


World Book Day in toddlers involved dressing up and taking part in lots of exciting activities based on their favourite books, including The Gingerbread Man and Dinosaurs Love Underpants.

The children also enjoyed exploring the texture of shaving foam alongside colour mixing.

Toddlers had lots of fun playing with the dinosaur themed tuff tray with their new water pump.


Pre School are learning about space. They played with moon sand and looked at astronauts, space rockets and what we might see on the moon. They also used pipettes and paint to create their own moon and stars.

World Book Day was also celebrated in pre-school and continuing with our space theme, the children got to visit the moon for a picnic after putting on their space books and climbing into the rocket.

We never let Mother’s Day go by without saying thank you to our mums, so the children were busy decorating biscuits, making cakes and keyrings to take home.

They then spent time outside making a pie using mud, herbs, flowers, and stones. You wouldn’t want to eat it, but the pie looked great!

Last October, pre-school planted some daffodil bulbs, so the children were delighted to see they have now flowered, and they painted pictures of the daffodils.

The anniversary of the first national lockdown took place in March so pre-school said a special thank you to all the NHS and key workers.