Plenty going on

Plenty going on

Jun 5, 2019 | News stories

There was plenty going on at Little Ladybirds in May.

Children in our pre-school enjoyed searching the garden for different smells and then creating their own perfume by mixing what they had picked with water. They tried to sell their new perfume brand, Eau de Ladybirds, to Jen and Zoe, so watch out Dior and Chanel!

One of the boys in pre-school brought in some of his dad’s army regalia, including fatigues, helmet and medals. He enjoyed talking about what his dad does and the rest of the children loved listening.

It was National Gardening Week, so our pre-schoolers and toddlers earned their green fingers by making the garden look and smell beautiful, using wellington boots as planters. They’re hoping to attract lots of bumble bees and insects too.

Back in pre-school the children have been looking at The Very Hunger Caterpillar, so they learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, including watching our very own baby caterpillars grow.

The new home corner in pre-school has also been well received, with the children taking on different roles, such as shop keepers and customers. This helps with their mathematical skills and it’s a lovely way of introducing the children to the importance of money and all the little jobs their parents and guardians do for them.

Toddlers continued their gardening work by digging the holes, repotting and watering their tomato plants. They also learnt new vocabulary talking about how best to look after them and now they can’t wait to see how big they grow.

And the month ended on a high when after four weeks of ten tiny caterpillars arriving, we released eight that had made it into beautiful butterflies. The children recapped the whole cycle, showing off their knowledge of the world and developing appreciation of growth and life. Some of the children were brave enough to hold their butterflies before they flew off into the big wide world.