Ready to learn

Ready to learn

Feb 14, 2020 | News stories

After an exciting Christmas, our children came back fully energised and ready to learn (and play of course) in January.

This term, in Pre-School, the children are exploring the topic of dinosaurs-we asked each child to bring in one fact about a dinosaur of their choice, so we can add this to our fact wall.

While they were out in the garden, some of the children noticed how much our herb garden has grown, so we spoke about the different things we could use herbs for. One child suggested using it in Playdough, so we did exactly that.

We’re always keen to promote recycling in the nursery and we have been explaining to the children about the importance of helping the environment. We showed them how to tell the different materials apart and recycled four big boxes of paper, tin, cardboard and plastic.

We had another T’rrrific Dino Day in Pre-School when some of our small dinosaurs mysteriously got stuck in ice and needed the children to free them using their hands and sticks.

Our babies enjoyed exploring farm animals in the tuff tray filled with oats. They used their whole bodies as they explored the oats and used their hands and pincer grasps to fill the containers. They also began to imitate animal sounds as they moved the animals through the oats.

Chinese New Year began in January, so in Tweenies the children experimented with bright colours, red and gold, and different methods of mark making to colour in their Chinese dragons. We also put their fine motor skills to the test by getting them to hold chop sticks and make patterns in the rice.

The babies always look forward to Dawn’s visiting to do Signing Tots. They enjoyed listening to nursery rhymes and action songs, as well as catching the bubbles.

Pre-School have been enjoying reading stories about Paddington Bear which led to some being curious about what marmalade was. So, we made our own marmalade sandwiches and, just like Paddington, they loved them.

Back in tweenies and the children had lots of fun exploring the sensory coloured rice in the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme tuff tray. They used lots of different tools to create their own star shapes. This was a great activity to encourage new language and for practising fine motor skills.

On Wednesdays, Pre-School learn French with Madame Vardy. They started the year by revisiting how to introduce themselves and are now learning about families.

Fine motor skills are important in children so we helped to further develop those of the older children by using scissors and getting them to cut zig zag patterns drawn on paper. We also spoke about the importance of using and transporting sharp tools like scissors safely.

See you in February.